Anon remembers the announcement on twitter

I will never forget MM’s announcement on Twitter just before the wedding stating that her father will not be attending, but she will always be”fond” of him or such. Not one word of love. Cold bitch.

I have to be honest that man story is really compelling, I believe him.  This is his reality, his perception of what happened. I’m glad he did it.

We wanted the truth, we got some, and the man brought receipts! God Bless him.  I think both sides on Social Media need to understand what this man has gone through. 

It’s easy to sell out when people are dropping figures on you, but I have to remind everyone that he went ahead and updated his IMDB page, that’s a monthly fee.  Why does he need that?  I have to say I think he has PR, I don’t know. Tom, sounds more credible that needs some coaching from a Publicist.  Thank you anon 😎🌸🌸🎄


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