DM Comments #NoAir Spread the Word

I think Megsy is back on the DM comments as Big Boss she uses the term “fact” and attacks Kate. The fact thing is a Meghan characteristic.

Is there any way you can go back and click on the name and it takes you to her profile. I need that URL, and then I can post a list for folks to avoid. Plus we can watch how crazy she gets.  Keywords:  intelligent, beautiful,  nailed it, fact, he chose her, salty, bitter tears, Doolittle’s, Kates old and she think she young looking. 

MM big thing is being chosen as Queen.  Look for self-aggrandizing tones. She is really insane. 

Tell her or them #NoAir, let’s not give them a platform to spread their propaganda.  Don’t engage them; it’s going to get really bad. I know that’s hard, we have to be successful at this. I want team BRF to be proud of the job they are doing when this is all over. Spread the word #NoAir. They go low, and we go high.  

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🎁🎄🕎

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