Hospital bill, Tax Bill , Beg for money

Hello JD🤔, I’m curious. Do you think they are showing this hospital bill to sort of “beg” for money?! Do you suppose there is a tax bill from all of her marching, due before December 31, 2018? If it isn’t paid by then, I wonder if there is an imminent penalty coming her way?

I’m an expert when it comes to hospitals, they always send out a preliminary bill.  Medicare and his union will negotiate it, it will be a 1/3rd of that.  It’s to make you feel sorry for him. 

I got airlifted to a hospital they thought I was having a stroke.  I got one of those crazy bills.  The helicopter was 10,000 dollars, I wasn’t there 24 hours and it was 100k. They even tested my nose for cocaine, wow was I livid. I had colon cancer and had a reaction to Catscan dye, I was due for surgery the following week. 

The tax bill, you send in your return but she has until April 15th, 2019 and she can file for extension and request payments schedule.  You won’t hear about this unless someone leaks it.  Don’t worry about it.  Paying quarterly is better but you don’t have too on an individual case. MM is not that important. 

Of course, it’s begging for money. 😁😘

Thank you anon🌸😎🎄🎁🕎 


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