L.A. Anon! Another PR Stunt #NoAir to the trolls

Another pr stunt


OMG, the PR never ends with meggles now most intelligent even when combined all royals? Sweet Jesus waits for HM’s response despite a recent attempt to curtail gossip and feud. Hope Will not ruin the family holiday and let DOS cross their threshold especially not after this report.

Does PH want the mole? Wake up sweetie you married it. HM should have done what HM’s father did and make wait one year before marriage to get a better perspective and get visas and taxes and other things straightened out.

PH has been foolish and rushed into this mess. If he really is like the Sun article stated he is as desperate as it comes. Remember only youth ambassador with meggles as plus one tagalong.

Will is future POW and king. Will was looking out for brother and in turn, PH who lets wife continue PR slaughter on Will, Kate, Queen.

One article claimed Harry respects the queen.  Not by a long shot per behavior and tantrums.  He has caused far too much grief to aged grandparent and sovereign. He needs to be booted with wife in tow. L.A.

Thank you, L.A., for your opinion, that article going to make things interesting really fast. 

Stay the course,  Don’t engaged the trolls, keep pointing out her many mistakes. Tell the paid trolls #NoAir 😎🌸🎁🎄🕎

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