MM revealing dark secrets? Who will believe her?

Hello JD! I have been thinking and who would believe anything MM releases. Wouldn’t it be necessary for her to say “I heard/saw/know this or that.” She can spout off all she wants, but she won’t be credible. I’m sure they will release the yachting info if necessary.

It’s the other ones to worry about. If MM has copies of documents, I would scream photoshop, you know me. 

The press and the bloggers are all going to yell, insane gold digger. I believe the press is making their case. 

If she shoots her mouth off, there won’t be a bunker deep enough for her to hide.  MM will have no aces left; the press will out the yachting last after she has left the palace.  This is why the stance. 

It’s in her best interest to remain silent and stop leaking. 

Thank you anon 😎🌸🎄🎁🕎

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