Papa is Back !

Is he worried she would hurt herself? Given how stoned drunk or drugged she often looks his concern is well placed. And given how stark raving insane she appears to be I’d say the concern is coming a whole lot too late.
There are a lot of well placed strategic comments in this interview. Papa has been well coached.
Markle won’t give this up yet she is desperate and wants money. They are, I hope,  holding some Aces to move her out finally?

That was a mixed bag of an interview; I thought it was PR coached.  It came out to neat and tidy, but it’s believable on his end, his perception. The little tidbits in between they hacked Harry up.  It’s all his fault, bullshit!

The palace threw the hot potatoes back at her. They said in an article that she was advised to send invitations to all family members, Maybe they can’t come, but they will have a keepsake of the special moment. 

We knew this was coming, that’s the sad part about this.  I’m waiting for a dirty bomb to be thrown her way now. 

Round them all up; surprise prison is this way.  We have a lovely polyester orange jumpsuit for you.  I can’t believe this show has been going on for two flipping years. 

Still, I think they are in this together.

Thank you anon  😎🌸🎄🎁🕎


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