Princess Beatrice and Edo

I really hate that Beatrice and Edo have to deal with what is clearly his ex’s parents problem. The original story was that Beatrice and Edo have been seeing each other for a couple of months previous to the wedding. Dara’s mother confirmed that Dara and Edo broke up six months ago. She’s very successful, and there is no way that she’s sleeping on a friend’s couch if she didn’t want to be. Then a “friend” of Edo changes the whole story to Bea and Edo meeting at the wedding and him cheating on Dara. Now we’re hearing from Dara’s father, and he’s blaming everything on Beatrice. They’re clearly trying to shame Beatrice into dumping Edo and Edo into marrying Dara.

Parents should not stay together for the kid. Kids learn from their parents. The best thing they can do is to be friends and show the child what healthy relationships look like. Bea and Edo have known each other since they were young. If Dara was really his fiancée, then the Yorks would have invited her too. It’s as simple as that. I think Dara told her conservative parents that they were engaged to make them feel better since she clearly did not have an engagement ring. I genuinely don’t think he cheated. I think Dara got pregnant right after they started dating and they tried to make it work. It didn’t. Dara’s parents spreading ugly rumors shows what kind of people they are. Whatever happens, I hope it’s exactly what Beatrice wants to happen. Unlike Dave, He has nothing to gain from this relationship status/money wise and is a long time friend of the family. So, I’m hoping it all works out because all signs point to them genuinely liking each other.

Thank you anon that is very kind of you to take up for Bea. Life happens, I understand that we will never know all the circumstances behind this, I want her to be happy with a man who appreciates and loves her.  

Princess Eugenie wedding had me in tears of joy, I was so happy to be able to witness her wedding. I truly want the same for Beatrice. 

Beatrice has been nailing it on the fashion! You Go, girl, I’m proud of you! Be true to yourself,  don’t worry about what other people think.  Don’t let it eat you alive. Live your life and walk your path, your true friends will follow.  I know she got good friends. 😉


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