Anon believes Charles wanted this

I am the anon who said I believe Charles supported Harry’s decision to marry MM. I’m from the North East of England to be exact. Harry has had a problem with girls from ” respectable ” backgrounds in the UK rejecting him, why would UK girls from an ethnic background be any different? I also believe he wanted a ” glamorous ” wife, her being an American actress appealed to him. He likes celebrity. Maybe you, anon, believe in the coercion theory, I do not. PC backed what PH wanted.

Everyone entitled to an opinion, I can tell you, I was told differently.  Prince William told Prince Charles about the actress, and he flipped,  Attention seeker. That’s the beginning, PR teams were employed and actively went to the blogs in 2016.

When Harry told the Queen he was getting engaged Prince Charles looked like he was going to have a stroke, truth!  It was all set up by MM with a script. Part of the script was from suites. The engagement wasn’t supposed to happen, and her own PR couldn’t believe she pulled it off.

Yes, Harry did have a secret American Girlfriend that is involved in IG games.  This girl was white and Prince Charles like her and her family.

We know Harry was hanging with the Soho Crowd they are starving wannabes mostly.  He did hang out with some A-listers and Eugenie was friends with these people. Remember he was dating  Sarah Macklin at the same time as MM?

We know from tipsters and blinds that MM was on the hunt for a Rich European because the showbiz gig wasn’t going to get her anywhere.  MM is done in Hollywood, she was lucky to get the  Lifetime movie, and they were terrible, and it paid rate.

I appreciate your time but  I don’t agree with you, but I love York and Durham, charming people.  If you know Philip Young tell him to contact me. lol 🌸😎🎄🕎🎁

Wait are you from Northumberland? Talk to me privately, please.



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