Baby it’s cold outside… The ban of old classic Christmas Song make you wonder

When being politically correct goes too far, what’s next book burning!  A song that was popular during my mothers time, a romantic, cute, wholesome song and now it’s the talk of the #metoo movement.  When did we become a bland nonthinking society?  The idea of never touching another is non-human, it’s cause for intensive outpatient therapy.

During my cable internet outage and peering my head out to the rest of society, this subject was brought to me, I was asked to talk about it with all of you.  Thanks, Mona and that what we are going to do.

Go to our forum and leave a comment what you think about banning such a song.

In 2016, a couple of millennials in Minnesota decided to pen a version that honored the duet structure while altering the lyrics to make them more modern. “I’ve always had a big problem with the song,” said duo member Josiah Lemanski. “It’s so aggressive and inappropriate.”

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2 Comments on “Baby it’s cold outside… The ban of old classic Christmas Song make you wonder”

  1. where was the anger or movement with many rappers’ lyrics, grown women and teens shaking their rear ends vulgarly in scanty costumes? cannot cherry pick or it makes the movement not credible. btw where did the money donated really go?

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