Markle tries to save face with Doria

Was probably never invited in the first place the article claiming she was in The Express, so that was Megsy pr. It gets hard to come up with three stories a day to keep the boring one in the news.


Doria, well they had to come up with something quick. I’m so over Meghan Markle’s PR scams.  It’s bad enough attacking bloggers and regular people tweeting their opinions; Now they are going after reporters for no reasons what so ever.

Like Emily Andrews, Emily Nash has always been on Markle’s side.

These trolls alienate themselves.  Anyone that takes a very radical approach to this topic will be sorely disappointed in the end.  I wish everyone well, take a breather. The FBI is taking notice; people are hacking accounts! WHY? \

Merry Christmas Anon 🎄🎁🥂🕎