There is a difference anon

It’s so sad. I know JD was so protective, fighting on PH’s behalf against something so disastrously wrong for him & for the RF. But maybe NYCRealRoyal was right in her low opinion of him. I just reread her comments about him. IMO he’s shallow, reckless, spoiled, degenerate & uneducated. I seriously see being uneducated when you have every opportunity as not being willing to work hard. What a lesson to parents around the world on what continually giving in to a bratty child will eventually wreak.

Really, funny you say that like any family, we can be let down or be disappointed but, there is always room for forgiveness. The family is forever.

You don’t go to America to learn how to fly 35 million dollars Apache Helicopters if you’re stupid.

Thank you anon 🎄🎁🕎🥂


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