How Abusive Meg has always been

When this thing first broke a whole bunch of us could smell the fake coming off of her. So we started to ask questions and dig. We found a site called Backstage where crew from TV/Movies talk. And there was a ton of stuff about what a bitch Marke was. How she thought she was more important than she was and was constantly making demands. Total Diva. Getting people removed from the set if they did not show enough deference to her. Now Megsy then started her whitewashing of her past, and those pages disappeared. Then people who were crew at Suits started showing up at AHPF’s site and talking about how demanding nasty and disliked she was. Her fake she is and how puzzled the Suits people were that Harry did not see what a fake she was. And these reports are completely consistent with what we now hear about her abuse of staff her demands her high handedness now. So the nice little Megsy stories are BS.

Remember too that people who saw her during the tour also came on the sites and spoke of how nasty and abusive demanding she is. There is the real MM.


UGH! Yep, we did see this, but Harry refuses. We knew she was a bitch and now she gets a title and does whatever she wants. Thanks to Harry.  Remember he brought this mess. And refuses to get rid of it. Nothing will work until he gets up off his ass and does something.

I’m so over these two.





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