New Year’s resolution:

New Year’s resolution: not clicking on a Meghan Markle article anymore. There are certain people I like to read the comments about, but Meghan is just too much at this point. She single-handed managed to destroy the mystique of the British monarchy. Their marriage is already damaging the RF, and the divorce will be worse. Harry is a twit when it comes to this woman.

Let’s see what happens; they have MM down to a crawl, did she run out of money?  The Palace catch on to the bills theMeg🦈 been sliding through with the rest?

I have other stuff to look at, I’m trying to build on ideas other than MM.

She is back to PR101 using the SM to attack the Royals. Meg🦈, they know it’s you.

From day one in 2016, it was spelling divorce, I agree with you it is damaging the entire institution.  Pulling away from the Sussex is a sound idea.

Who wants to live next to that?  I feel sorry for Eugenie and Jack they are so close they can pass the Grey Poupon.  Eugenie, don’t let her near you, MM might try to take pictures and sell them. It’s a feeling, so watch out.

🎄Merry Christmas anon 🎄


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