Does He Know?

Ok, if she is faking it, does he know she’s faking, or does he believe she’s preggers? I mean, when he’s rubbing the belly-like most future fathers do-doesn’t he know the difference between a pillow & a preg belly?

So far, we’ve seen Harry look at the jelly belly with amazement at its ever-changing size, and it disappears. Yes, he going to have to know and must be okay doing this.

Harry and Meg were told not to try, and we knew in advance that MM couldn’t have any, couldn’t carry any on her own.  Both teams came out and said not pregnant they weren’t trying.

That leaves Surrogate which Maj added that heirs must come from the body. We have NYCrealroyal saying that he can’t have any and she backed it up with an article in DM he had an unsuccessful operation in the ’80s for an undescended testicle.

Enty had said that she was told that she couldn’t carry even with IVF.  MM told her Ex’s that can’t have children.

Somebody, please stop this farce from going any further!  Thank you anon🥂


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