Harry fell for a fraud like MM

Like many, I am so disappointed in Harry. I can’t believe he fell for such a fraud as MM. I would have thought that he would have been able to see right through someone like her. The fact no one seems to have been able to get through to him, and he seems to be clearly under her thumb is shocking. What is it going to take to open his eyes? The red flags are and have been everywhere. The RF really messed up coddling him the way they did. He really has problems.

I agree with you, I think they were hoping he would open his eyes and see what a real 💩head she is.  When you are desperate to save someone, I guess you do and say anything.  I forgive them, but they may have made things worse.

Family, they are the family of the world, sometimes you get angry and that’s normal human emotions.  There is always a few black sheep in everyone’s family, they must learn from their mistakes. They need to be accountable for this.

Harry, wake up!  I think Harry is torn, that’s why he flip-flops and it’s making me do it, ugh! How do you unlove someone?

Thank you anon 🌸😎🥂


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One Comment on “Harry fell for a fraud like MM”

  1. JD, you don’t unlove someone; sometimes you simply have to step back, let them learn the lesson the hard way, & be there when the inevitable happens.
    I’m with you atm – I flip flop daily with my feelings toward Harry. The image of him as a little boy is still burnt in my memory …. this is a hard road he has chosen … & I’m not sure he has the shoe leather to reach the end without help

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