Silly walks – not Monty Python

Hi JD, it was always a dumb stunt to have the four of them walking to church together. It looked silly last Christmas, and it looks even sillier trying to recreate the walk this Christmas. Everybody else walks with their spouse and children, or the cousins walk together in pairs. The “Fab Four” looks like the promo for a tv show. I’m sick of being insulted by the BRF with these staged PR stunts. REAL monarchs (I’m looking at you QEII) had to rule a country and had real wars to wage. This is just a farce.


Morning!  I agree you can’t make people like one another. I don’t know about you, but there were digs exchanged under those smiles.  The one where Schmeg is patting Kate’s back is condescending and William is smiling I told you so Harry.

Harry and Meg shouldn’t be seen at all.  I have zero faith while Megs is still in England. I know Meg is the one using a race of people that are attacking reporters and bloggers.  That means Harry knows too.  thank you anon 🎄🎄


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