Who’s fault is that? They let Meghan Markle in after receiving letters from her lawyers, do you blame them?

Sam Markle is as much of an attention seeker as her dad and the Dooley family. They all are being connected to this drama and making money off of the RF. They all are a loud mouth — books, interviews, reality shows, and weed selling. Who doesn’t still see it, they are blind.

If my brother or relative did that to me, I would be upset. The barrage of the press is hiding outside your house, going through your garbage.  Following you around taken pictures when your not your best.

A bunch of them said well, let’s play MM game for money and notoriety. They did! Cashing in all the way and the press is happy to show what a low life they let into the family.   Look at it like that.  MM screwed them first.  All it would have taken is a little decency on MM part.

Thank anon 🎆😹🥂😎


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