Ko says what I don’t understand is why is the BRF

Hi JD, Hope you are doing well. Re the PR, what I don’t understand is why is the BRF (PC via his PH allowance, whatever) foolishly paying for a PR that is not only blatantly bashing Kate and other BRF members, but also projecting someone as a saint? What utter folly can this be? Also, do you have, through your sources, some rough estimates of her monthly PR bill vis-a-vis monthly merching money? Is the PR bill being covering the bill through merching? Hence showing up invited, unwanted. Ko

===================== They are separate and lot don’t know what other BRF are doing.  The Prince’s are supposed to hand over the bills. They get paid out of the Duchy’s fund run by Prince Charles. This is for engagements done on behalf of charities, that means their clothes and expenses for that day. MM bragged she didn’t need any money.  We know better now, but still, I don’t know enough.

Houseplant had a running total of about 250k and then stop keeping track.  That was I think for six months before the engagement, and MM wasn’t merching the big time stuff yet.


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Yes, Ko,  why are still attacking Kate and other members of the BRF?  That is the sounding alarm. We have to watch for details.  Where is Richard Plamer when you need him. Thank you, Ko   🌸😎🥂🍾 JD


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