Captain Thomas Obvious reaches out to the Duchess’s

Captain Thomas Markle Obvious

Bet that blind was planted by MM or her PR apparatus. Thomas’ recent interview makes his participation in MM’s pr efforts obvious, so she needs some cover. Claims he is getting paid cash although the tabs have been clear he is not getting paid cash. The recent Papa interview he is defending MM against claims she is picking on Kate or staff. He is also hitting out at Harry and claiming the RF has changed his precious daughter who is normally so kind and polite. He is playing for MM’s team, and it is now obvious. So a blind to cover that.

His whole she hasn’t contacted me schtick is a reason to give him coverage and make him a credible figure in the scam. It creates drama and interest as well as sympathy for him. The presentation of his hospital bills cleared him of doubt and made him believable.

Papa’s role is to be a surrogate for MM to say things she cannot say and in the end to attack the RF blame them for the separation from his dear con artist daughter (a chip off the old block). See him for what he is a part of the overall con.

—-Yep! He is captain Obvious!  He gives it all away, that’s why they are boring.  We should have Sam up to bat next. They aren’t here to be friends😞. Thank you anon 🌸😎🥂🦈

PH is mentally effed up if continue narc’s delusions.