The happenings of a Gaslighter Meghan Markle this weekend!

The Queens Patronages doesn’t include the National Theatre

I have scoured through the Royal Website along with another anon, and there isn’t any patronage for HM that include Nation Theatre or NT as it’s known.

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Prince Harry isn’t leaving the Royal Family because MM says so.  MM gave up her family willingly with no help from Harry; she fed him a crock of 💩

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The notion that USA Network aka NBCu is going to pay MM 6 -8 million to appear on Suites, albeit right up her alley is just another attempt to get a job in Hollywood.  MM has been trying to get a job in Hollywood using Harry, gee wonder where she got that notion? Harry, you promised something you couldn’t deliver at the beginning of the relationship for a bit of tail?   Harry, it is okay, yes I know it’s embarrassing, most guys overinflate themselves to women.  You don’t have to do this, theMEG 🦈is playing with your head.

Suites USA network, home of the WWE! Their biggest show, claim to fame, okay theMeg🦈

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Megatron, I’m not jealous, racist or want Harry.  What is your end game?  A Narc has to go out with a huge bang!  So far your scripted show is predictable, that’s how lame you are.

JD 🌸😎🍾

Go Harry! Big Thumbs up, War Games, Real Ones!

Now we have Norway!


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  1. I have had a thought in my head about this pregnancy. Now you say huge bang to exit. This thought is about Diana – something I’ve read a while back that she did. I don’t want to give her any ideas, but it would fit this scenario. Scary and I hope she doesn’t do something like I thinking.

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