No Milk for Free

No milk for Free

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle the PR concocted myths~ Part 1 

by JD ūüėéūüĆł

We all start somewhere, you comment and put your two cents in on public forums like the Daily Mail.  Who would have ever thought that I would become the leading blogger in the Harry and Meghan debacle? This article will become a multi-parts about Prince Harry the Myth and MM the PR concoction.  

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The beginning 

When the news broke that he was dating this chic, I went into overdrive to find as much I could on Meghan Markle. What I saw shocked me as this isn’t what Harry wants, the persona of a do-gooder, champion¬†of the wounded warrior,¬† which I genuinely care.¬† Meghan Markle was self-aggrandizing, annoying, stuck on herself duck-lipped¬†cliche. This man helped me get out of bed after epidural left me staring at the ceiling for months! I felt so strongly, and I was a regular poster on the Daily Mail. One day I dared to use my tumblr reader account and start blogging.¬†

About me! 

I was becoming a life long fan of the Royal family especially¬†Charles and Diana.¬† I even backpacked in August 1989 the greatest time I had, and It was easy to get hooked on England.¬† Such a love for the motherland I felt it my¬†duty to let the world know Meghan Markle wasn’t the person that Harry or the Country needed. Americans¬†feel disconnected¬†it’s probably what makes so successful.¬†

Wow, immediate¬†success combined with nasty haters yelling at me that I dared write a blog about Meghan Markle, I must be racist.¬† Why is that racist? See I don’t understand that stuff, I lived in 50/49%¬† neighborhood my married life.¬†

Along came nycrealroyal¬†was my anon along with an excellent source that close¬†to Harry’s crew.¬† NYC claimed to be hired¬†by Prince Charles for crisis management.¬† She was dropping scoops, and I’m a fair person, I’m pretty humble, and I know how to share (it will bite me in the ass later) I said you should blog, she asked her boss, and away she went.¬†

What you didn’t hear was the behind the scene chatter we were having.¬† Yeah,¬†we were outing Meghan¬†publicly, but Harry was just as naughty.¬†¬†

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  1. OK JD you drawn me in eager to see part 2. As for Harry I reckon he has been up to things that would make you speechless putting it politely.

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