Anons Says : Of course, he looks sick the tour was a catastrophe

Of course, he looks sick the tour was a catastrophe. When the cameras were off, she was abusive to staff even of the host country, abusive and humiliating to him, insulting to the BRF and HM, demanding and constantly complaining about having to greet “commoners.”
But other than some banishment at Remembrance, she and Harry both continue on. For whatever reason – fear of what she might do, codependency mental illness Harry continues on with her. The RF continues to support her. Face it she has won she got what she wanted. And despite utter disgust with Harry and continued disgust with the RF the will do nothing to end this.
We believed in something that never was true. Something that never merited our admiration and support.
Sit back and watch the end of the British monarchy. They stand for nothing. The hypocrisy of the Queen was speaking about the “Christian faith” when she allowed a fake baptism to be publicized and a fake wedding to occur is breathtaking. The Queen betrayed that faith with the nonexistent baptism and the farce of an escort marching down the aisle in her merched white dress and veil. And now they support this fake pregnancy. It is a mockery.

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Thank you anon for your opinion, I hate to tell you this, but the reporters feel this tour was a success, and so do these dimwits. That’s why they can’t figure out what they did wrong.  They haven’t bothered to find out that she was a Diva on tour. Abusive to staff and Harry enabled the behavior.



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