Royal Scandal? Did Prince Harry marry his father’s mistress

Did Prince Harry marry his father’s mistress? Did he agree to marry Meghan Markle to hide a scandal that would ruin Prince Charles’ reputation if exposed? Is Prince Harry covering for his wayward father out of love for his grandmother? Could it be possible that Prince Charles would do anything to preserve his reputation as the successor to the throne, even sacrificing the reputation of his “unimportant” son? Just some food for thought.

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That’s some serious speculation Anon! Makes you wonder why the DM trolls keep calling her Queen Meghan?! Amazing amount of money spent on this.

Why would your father in law buy a diamond bracelet for a daughter-in-law? The Ralph and Russo dress? Makes you wonder

Who is the sperm donor since NYC said Harry couldn’t have kids?

That would end the monarchy tomorrow, and stocks would stumble, the infrastructure would collapse.

Let’s hear some comments on this speculation! 🙀😂😂 just for shits and giggles.


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4 Comments on “Royal Scandal? Did Prince Harry marry his father’s mistress”

  1. I tend to think not.
    She won’t be Queen consort. Philip, an actual prince, is only prince consort. Of course,it’d only last one day, if true, because he’d be forced to abdicate if the monarchy even survives it.
    She’d be forever known as a destroyer, homewrecker, and have no title or money from them if they didn’t survive.

    1. It’s a process, a game in which she has collateral. It does not matter what will happen in normal circumstances. Meghan has changed the rules- that’s the point. With blackmail you can do anything.

  2. Bingo- now with speculated impending Charles divorce to Camilla- Queen Meghan moves closer. What a mess!

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