Us Weekly Prince Harry feels responsible for Duchess Meghan “being miserable”

Prince Harry ‘Feels Responsible’ for Duchess Meghan ‘Being So Miserable’

Thank you to @culinary16 for bringing this so here we go the Sussex’s have been busy with PR. Don’t just blame MM, and Harry is in up to his eyeballs!  I love him, but I don’t like him very much for allowing this to go on.  It’s frightfully embarrassing.

Who is paying for this shit?  That means she is draining the bank account and your taxpayer money from the Duchy, wake up. This PR campaign is not cheap!

Like my previous post  I said we are helping this, this article proves it. This is the Sussex’s PR.  It’s not exit peeps! It’s them telling you to STFU!

Don’t click on the video it goes right to diamond earrings!


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  1. I’ll play the tiny violin for her. Lol!!! This is a perfect time for her to develop the British stiff upper lip and deal with it.

  2. She’s perfectly fine. She’s been given plenty and should stop complaining. This is what she signed up for. No one made her “marry” Henry or “marry” him so quickly.

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