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Charles and Meghan?! Charles AND MEGHAN?!?! I needed a moment to recover. Personally, I call bullshit. At least not as the reason for all of this. Now would Meghan try her luck with Charles (or William or anyone with more power/money/influence than Harry) now after snaring Harry? Yes.

== I hope you read the entire post?? Of course, it is, that’s what it says in the post. It’s for shit and giggles.

Right, MM is shady enough to try. We saw her looking at William, and the look on Harry’s face is priceless at the church.  Harry was pissed another time and when she spent to much time with the clergyman.

MM is good, who knows what she does to men, some kind of infatuation potion JuJu juice, lol?  I don’t don’t get it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve had people tell me in a PM that it’s Voodoo powder, hmm okay.

Thank you, anon 🌸😎JD


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