Express ~ Taxpayer pounds hard at work~ Frogmore
Holy guacamole! Three million pounds sterling with homeless people rough sleeping on the drive in!  Taxpayer expense.  If you think she is not staying think again.

A cover shields the Grade-II listed building as renovation works to the building's interior begin

A cover shields the Grade-II listed building as renovation works to the building’s interior begin (Image: REX)

But new documents reveal what is really going on under the protective covering placed over Frogmore Cottage in the Windsor Estate – giving a sneak preview of what their £3million renovation entails.

Meghan is said to be “very involved in the project” and wants a home that “perfect” for new family.

Yep, this is true, so all steam ahead for this renovation.  It is said that Meghan is very involved in the rebuild. Now, why would she do that if she were leaving?  MM is a control freak she is going to be an RPITA!  I’m sure that will get out what a diva she was.  She is probably running around in stilettos barking orders.

According to the MailOnline, the new documents reveal the couple’s builders plan to add a multitude of fireplaces, staircases, and a floating floor to the ten bed Grade II listed building.

But the Duke and Duchess will keep the property’s original floorboards and shutters.

🤣🤬everything else

It follows news that environmentally conscious Meghan Markle will have an energy unit installed in the property which reportedly costs £50,000.

The technology will provide heat, water, and electricity, while the couple are also installing a satellite dish at the historic property.

Satellite, what the hell?  No Cable in the area? Get in touch with Mars?

A source told the MailOnline: “It is a very expensive affair. Frogmore Cottage is in an extremely run-down condition and is needing a lot of TLC and heavy restoration to bring it up to standard ahead of the Duke and Duchess’ moving in date.

“As a result, it is set to cost between £2million and £3million for the whole project. It is being specially designed to ensure that the family has a comfortable country life away from the hustle and bustle of London where they are living now.

Gag me with a spoon Meg 🤮 2-3 million, 1 million is a huge difference, Bull💩

A birds-eye view of Frogmore Cottage, based on the vast Windsor Estate

I know it will be beautiful enough for a magazine shoot. I wonder who will get the honors and how much we they pay for it?

Taxes to pay for restoration

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3 Comments on “Express ~ Taxpayer pounds hard at work~ Frogmore”

  1. I hope the preservation people stall things. From watching shows like “Grand Designs”, they can be a real pain.

    Are they going to cover some of the cost themselves( Ms self made millionaire as her fans constantly remind us)?
    Are these renovations for the staff that were supposed to be living there? If not, where are those staff now going to be housed?

    Does Henry really think this is going to help his image? It’s certainly not going to help hers.

    DM also had an article about the soho/cotswolds area about the time they put out James Middleton’s article. I couldn’t be bothered with it.

    1. Darn, I forgot to say that I believe Edward and Sophie paid some of the costs of reno on their home in Bagshot. I think these two should be paying for this reno. And their rent. They are going to pay their rent on this crown estate property, right?

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