Patronage are Obviously Promo For Meghan Markle ~ Anon

Meghan Markle Patronage Run Down

by Anon

Yeah, the patronages are obviously all promo for MM they all go to her core image celebs fashion the animal rights activist. Of course, they also remind you that she is not anything she claims to be. And they are patronages where she can’t get into much trouble.

Look at Kate’s first patronages Place 2 Be art therapy for troubled children well obviously MM is not going there.

Hospice a charity for dying children well we saw how Megsy was around disabled and sick kids when she did wellness awards with Harry, so that sort of thing is out for her.

Kate did addiction well the pot smoking weed distributor break the drug laws Megsy is def not doing addiction.

Kate got heavy duty serious issues showing how much she was trusted to handle those issues.

Meg got celebs fashion cute puppies (please don’t let her adopt any she kills or abandons her pets) and ACU where she can sit and nod her head as if she understands or gives a shit about anything they do.

Note nothing to do with kids for expectant mother feminist role model Megsy. Most of these except for ACU are socialite ladies who lunch charities.

Smartworks is actually a charity the Soho house ladies support. Now that is not to say the actual charity is not worthwhile.

I am especially impressed with Mayhew the animal rescue charity. But they are safe choices for the superficial not too bright Megsy. Although she already screwed up by showing up at Smartworks in 7k worth of clothes shoes etc. and the butt pads and sliding jelly belly. But the comparison to Kate’s early charities is striking.

As for the PC AM rumors – pleeease! Those two are solid. IF anything having the Markle narc around can cause discord in families but divorce? Mistresses? Let’s not spread silly rumors.

Thank you very much, Anon for putting this all together.  Did you read what Joseph said?  Smart Works patrons are interesting and here is a receipt for you.  A Bunch of these women is from the Cotswold area, the who’s who of the summer set.

Our Patrons and Ambassadors

Regardless, I love this charity because it really does help women making them feel empowered. One of the worst things to have is a confidence killer, and I’m not good enough, I can’t compete in the white-collar world.  Having good clothes is the start of success, I’m honored to promote this charity.  I did recommend something like this.

Kate is a Pro and she was taught the right way making sure she could handle this life long task.   MM sold ready to wear and it’s not.  Thank you anon🌸😎

theMeg🦈is all over SM spewing racist rants

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