Frogmore Cottage is being renovated

So I recall at, First, she wanted people to think it was Frogmore house and it is Frogmore Cottage I saw some recent awful pics of a house Is it smaller than frog more cottage like an actual apartment piece only ?? in the cottage ??????
A cover shields the Grade-II listed building as renovation works to the building's interior begin

Frogmore Cottage

I posted this last night for all to see that MM is heavily involved in it’s 2-3 million pounds renovation. This is the article from express, but the DM run it too.  I think the press took liberties of showing the house no the cottage.

Again cost to taxpayers, she is not going anywhere

Again, driving home the cost of the severely run down building. It will have new staircases, fireplaces.   This idea that she is going away is ridiculous! The evidence couldn’t be more abundant now.  Why go through all this trouble and added expense if Meghan Markle is leaving?

The idea that she was living at Soho farmhouse is another lie being perpetuated, I posted the article about Soho farmhouse new pigstye’s, and they did aerial views. That article claims they live nearby, but it’s vast farming country.  People have to let that go!

If HM the Queen wants her to go, why bestow so many good tidings to her?  It makes ZERO sense, and I think they want the hate campaign to stop and let Harry see her for what she is. She manipulated him on the love/hate campaign to be Princess Diana work on the PTSD.

The press is proving a point and systematically breaking down the hate blogs with visual proof

Even though Meghan Markle is trolling on Social Media, I said she was there is proof she is.  The gossip media confirms it. Will, the British press do something? She is manipulating everybody, and the Royals keep giving her more and more.

What father in law gives a daughter-in-law a Cartier diamond bracelet?  Something rotten in London.

I hate to bring Kate into this, she has been a pillar of dignity, did everything right and this trollop swings and sways in and it’s the next coming of Queen of Sheba.

Unless they like being humiliated with the Markle family situation.  They are typical Americans, and they will get into trouble from time to time.  There is a lot of pressures put upon them because of MM lawyers sent them a letter denying them.  Who in the hell does that?  They received zero help, and MM PR knows damn right well they were going to get used.

Thanks, anon, sorry this is long, but read the blog, not just excerpts. 🌸😎JD

Daily Mail ~ Lara Keay writes Soho farmhouse Pigsty

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