Page six ~ Markle reportedly miserable in her new royal role

Markle reportedly Miserable in her new royal role

Okay, we keep reading this everywhere  Markle is miserable, it’s in the US, People are saying it’s her exit strategy, I did agree with this at one point. Every time she pumps this shit out she gets something.  IMO she is using the Diana strategies reliving her life. Call me crazy, but her PR is pumping out the new Diana.

Let’s talk PTSD and Emotional Blackmail the Narc move

Let’s talk about Harry’s PTSD, and there are triggers that set people with these conditions back to the event that caused the trauma. Are you with me so far? What if it’s the whole Diana being chased by the press, but she also called the media.  The boys were around during these intense times.  William admits he wanted to a policeman to protect his mother.

I’m speculating, and it could be Meghan’s emotional blackmail and maybe the for the entire family.  I was glued to the TV on those tragic days. The outpouring of love and sympathy felt around the world as Prince Harry and William walked behind the coffin.

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“Unsurprisingly, Prince Harry is now said to “feel responsible for Meghan being so miserable” after previous reports claimed he was already “frustrated” that he could not protect his wife from public scrutiny.”

Markle shouldn’t have gotten in the first place, but they let her in because of Harry.  The Royals are placating her wishes.  What if Harry is saying look what happened to my mother!  We all know he is prone to temper tantrums.

“Keeping [Meghan] away from the negativity and harm has been hard for him. It’s been his purpose in their relationship to keep her away from the negativity.”

OMG, who is going to keep her away from us? Now, I’ve heard from tipster Harry feels suffocated, according to MM PR she is being smothered.  Harry won’t let her act, and she has to act royally.

We will continue to watch and grab the popcorn, and I’m choosing Honey crisp apple sliced thin.

Oh one last thing, It’s already been done, sweetheart! JD🌸😎

Royal Family didn’t expect MM to be part of the family long term ~ Anon

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