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Some interesting stuff is showing up in the Australian gossip press. Remember this is where the “Meghan has a diary which she will use against the royals” story first showed up. Now we have

1) Woman’s Day reporting she wants to return to acting, but William is blocking it as unroyal and

2) she is stressed so needs a place to escape too and so wants a multi-million dollar condo in a ritzy trendy Toronto neighborhood as a hideaway.

Oh,   1 …2…3…POOR BABY!!!  She might want to get the hell out of Dodge this is only the beginning for her.  Something tells me she is stuck like Glue there.  If she is boohooing, she wants something. What is it this time Peggy?  Isn’t Al doing it for you anymore?

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Did Women Day get a new editor? They are known for the most sickeningly sweet articles, what changed?

Susan Spencer
Susan Spencer – Editor-in-Chief, Woman’s Day – Hearst Magazines.
Hearst is MM outlet of choice, that’s either a real estate ad or she might be looking for a way out, but she got herself involved with a fake pregnancy.  Got to keep the shit show going  You know she will put on a great front tomorrow.
Thank you anon, we wait and see🌸😎JD

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  1. It’s pretty stressful keeping those lies going. I’m thinking the truth is on her heels and she wants off UK territory when its exposed.

  2. WD, NI & Aust Womens Weekly – all USED to be good reads (5-10 yrs ago) Now they’ve all gone the (sorry) American tabloid magazines way. Not one good reputation between them!

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