Duke of Sussex

The first duke of Sussex got his first marriage annulled but she drove him crazy for years especially looking for money. The 2nd wife was a successful marriage but because she was Catholic neither the King nor Parliament could give him approval for the marriage. Hence she could not have the title and their kids could not inherit the title. The Duke was Queen Victoria’s favorite uncle and he gave her away on her wedding day so things worked out well for him eventually.

But they would not allow his wife to be buried in the royal cemetary so when he died he left instructions to be buried with her in a public cemetary. He loved her.



My reaction to almost everything pertaining to this mess. Words fail me sometimes. ๐Ÿคฃ



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  1. QE2 knew the deal from jump hence why she gave then the name Sussex. Sheโ€™s just waiting for Harry to wake up from his Disney fantasy.

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