How does Camilla feel about this.

Hi Jersey Deanne, second question on the spending if it is Charles footing the bills. Where is Camilla in all of this? Why would she be okay with her husband spending more on his daughter in law than on his own wife? She isn’t a clothes horse, she doesn’t court PR, and she has to be raising an eyebrow on the merching and all these new houses. What do you know about Camilla’s relationship with Harry, William, or Kate?
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Sorry to keep you waiting,  I know Camilla as a level headed person, I can only give you my opinion.  I’d be mad as hell.  There are some rumors that Camilla is not pleased with the situation with Harry and Meghan out of control spending.

My tipster says broke, so does that mean, have been cut off? I think they have.   Meghan wants what Kate has, and she can’t seem to get it, Kate is the future Queen consort British and MM couldn’t wait she had to push this, it’s a disaster!  I do blame them, and they let her in knowing all about her. They placated Harry.

Oh, one thing Meghan is obsessed with becoming the first Mixed race to do with anything royal, engagement, wedding, engagement with the Queen. She is obsessed with Kate and the Middletons.  She is a nutter.

Thank you, anon 🌸😎JD

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  1. I think they’ve been cut off as well. I wonder if they finish paying the surrogate? I wonder if she’ll try to use the SOHO designer to misappropriate funds like she does for clothing via JM.

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