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Can’t cover the sun with one finger

by anon

I rarely comment if ever but I got tired of hearing “suits was the number one show in America,” so I decided to research and told the person making those comments that it was not true.  They replied with insults and how dare I say that and how ignorant I was, how I should research before saying anything.

Oh, the irony!. Well, I decided to bring receipts from my research, and I informed that person politely that suits were considered the most watch for the USA network at one point but not U.S.A the country. That they were misinformed, they replied with a link where supposedly MM is asked about having the most watched tv show.

Well, their link didn’t work and I replied with the link is broken just sent me the title of the video so I can search it by title, within a few mins. all their replies were deleted and never to be heard from again… I think they truly believed it was the most watch in the country but only because that’s how MM PR made it seem.

It’s very sad MM stans bought into the illusion but maybe we can get out the message and some truth across by replying with respect, receipt, and truth. I hope they understood.

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You’re right! They were number one in their network for a scripted show, but the 600lb women beat them every week. The USA network is the little-redheaded stepchild of NBCu.  WWE is a treasure for the USA network, not Suits that enjoys about a million viewers, whereas WWE is 2.3 and UP!  I do have rating posted on the website for the time MM was on it. Let’s not forget she was a Co-Star to the Co-star, LOL.

The stans need to know her resume as an Actor is not very good.  Suits is a cable show, not ready for prime time.  I had no idea who she was when it was outed by Camilla Tominey.

Thank you, anon 🌸😎JD

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