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Princess Anne is someone to look up to, a feminist in her own right with the heart of a lion!  While Princess Diana dominated the pages of the tabloids for charitable works, Princess Royal was out raising more money for her charities without all the fan fair.  The Hollywood Duchess could learn plenty from Anne.

Gatcombe Park


Located between the villages of Minchinhampton and Avening, Gatcombe is in the heart of the Cotswolds, just a few miles away from Highgrove, Prince Charles’ home in nearby Tetbury.

The Grade II-listed manor house, which is set in a reported 730-acres of parkland, has an interesting history. According to Historic England, the estate was sold to political economist David Ricardo in 1814 after he made his fortune on the stock exchange. A few years later, English architect George Basevi was employed to work on the house and “very little has been altered since the 1820s”.

In 1976, Gatcombe acquired a royal owner. The Queen bought the property from Conservative politician, R.A. Butler, as a present for her daughter and her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips, after their wedding in 1973. The newlyweds moved in a year later and raised their two children, Peter and Zara, on the estate. After their divorce in 1992, Mark moved into nearby Aston Farm. A few months later, Anne married her second husband Lawrence, who has helped her maintain the estate ever since.

Aston Farm

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  1. Thank you so much for this story on Princess Anne. She’s my #2 ❤️ Can I hope for more soon … 😉

    1. And, now the story about their security. As I’ve stated before, if they’re moving there, they should pay for the security from their expense account, meaning they can’t spend money on clothes and all that. I think security is still paid by the police or something like that, but really they should pay for it or the cost of renovations or something.

      Since I’m here, does anyone know how they’re supposed to fit a “Gone with the Wind” two story staircase or a floating floor in a cottage ? How big is this cottage? Do we even know if they’re getting the whole place or just a portion of the cottage?

      If it’s a grace and favor place, it might be rent free, but they aren’t always apparently. Nott Cott is a g&f residence.

      What happens to it when they split up?

      1. The Security is paid by the taxpayers. The house will be paid by the fund which is still the taxpayer. The house is huge, they call it a cottage, but it’s going to a ten bedroom house.
        I posted pictures yesterday Mary

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