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I was working in London in those Vegas days at a job where we heard all the royal gossip. The story then was that PC allowed the least incriminating pics to be published to teach Harry a lesson, so that was the TMZ pics. PC bought the more incriminating pics so they would not be published. I doubt Harry made money. IF anyone PC did or the girls did.

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Right!  Good Point anon,  I also heard that one cost around 10 million to cover, remember we are speculating.  I do have a blurred picture of one, and it can’t be shown here, I certainly don’t want to get sued or shut down.

Vegas leads up to the rehabilitation of Prince Harry Imagine, and they did a great job!  What you didn’t hear he did go back to Vegas for more fun.  If they had followed the guidelines of taking cell phones, we wouldn’t be here today.

Nothing like a woman scorned, to get Harry back for a romp in the sack.  It’s a pretty ballsy thing to do.

NYC made this public knowledge and, she said that MM made him sign her NDA. Something tells me they should have consulted their attorneys on that one.  At the same time, she was signing theirs??  Weird?? Right!!  The feelings I have that it was a relationship agreement. Either way, I know there was agreement, and there may have been a couple of them. How dumb can you be to trust Meghan Markle?

MM took full advantage of don’t explain, don’t complain but now the shoe is on the other foot and she can’t.  Oh yes, she can!  Social media baby, Meg is going after her critics!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎JD

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