And if Harry is the villain ???… speculation

I do not know where to start this post….. We have always thought that MM took advantage of Harry and is the bad one of this dark movie …. And if Harry was not who we thought and is not a saint?

I am completely sure that behind the titles that HM gave to Harry for his marriage, is the truth of his story.

Duke of Sussex: Married 2 times, both marriages null and 2 children both illegitimate because the marriages, were null.

Louis Gauffier - Portrait of Prince Augustus Frederick.jpg

Earl of Dumbarton: Dumbarton.. military fortress that symbolizes the resistance of the military to defend their area

Baron Kilkeel: A fishing zone, if they comply with the EU norm it has to be an area that protects ecologically speaking the fishing …. In summary a zone of clean nature, an ecological site ..

Can Harry be an ecological conservationist, can be

Yesterday reviewing my instagram, I saw Mark Dyer’s wife, had his instagram open (it was private) and casually discovered a profile (which for obvious reasons I will not give the name, but includes the 3rd name of Harry) that led directly to this web :


It is a company that started in the 60s, but incredibly started working on the internet in February 2016 …. just the same MM date in Rwanda ….and those coincidences do not exist.

and I have started to speculate:

1º Harry received Diana’s inheritance in 2014, when he turned 30.

2º You must have a team of advisors to instruct you on how to increase your economic assets

3º In 2012 he was photographed in Las Vegas, I doubt it was free … or suddenly … he knows how to play those show maneuvers to earn money … I think with the show in Las Vegas, I win a lot money. TMZ, The Sun???

Resultado de imagen de prince harry naked the vegas

And he simply thought “What to do to improve the show and win much more, win a fortune”…….

Resultado de imagen de prince harry naked the vegas TMZ

Obviously “A divorce” ….. His father and his uncle Andres took a few million for the divorce, not only Diana, not only Sarah … they too … but this is not talked about.

To get divorced you have to be married … to get a divorce arranged between both parties, you need a person who wants that divorce .. someone decent will want this? I doubt it, here comes MM.

I still think that she was hired for a showmance … or does she have an abortion or can she have a baby and that child will be of Harry? I doubt it …. He needs this show more time to earn a lot of money with magazines.

but there are many options in this story … there is also the options, that I really knew her … she gathered the perfect profile for a great show … divorced, american, actress, model, biracial …

who gives more???

He promised MM of everything and she believed him, him said he was infertile, she said had frozen embryos of Trevor … He convinced her of everything, him has become the victim, she he believed in all his lies.

She saw the opportunity to be Diana 2.0, if I think she would have made a group sex recording of Harry, but I think Harry had already studied MM very well and he knew he would and he put the trap on her. And him let her bodyguards not keep cell phones, allowing her to record … he knew she would blackmail him.

he cheated MM…… What for?…….. For money

She in November of 2016 was with her lawyers and signed everything … sure she did not know what trap Harry was doing towards her … surely she signed that she did not want money (she is in love, of course hahaha)

she would sign that she only wanted a wedding to be her ex … and not to be like a lover, because she was with Cory when she started with Harry, he knew it and she did not want to remain as a lover … she will have said that she is a decent woman (of course .. hahahaha)…………. the question is that she will have signed that “She loved him” was not behind her title and her money … and that’s why she signed a separation of property and did not want any money at the time of the divorce…… her will have signed that he rejected any money for her divorce.

Him knew perfectly well that she would act like that, deceived her so that him could take advantage of the money that would correspond to them for the divorce … She already signed it and now she can not back down. €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€

but MM does not know how divorces ROYALES in uk work.

So divorce will come / annulment…. get at … of course there will be money, but as she signed her rejection, that money will be for Harry.

So that Harry can want more money?

the answer is in

africa 2

to buy more land, for the maintenance of safaris, for publicity … but above all to buy more land … that’s not cheap even in Africa

If this were true or close to the truth:

1ºHarry could be the owner or investor of this company

I’m sure he has more safaris, I’ve only been able to discover this one.

2º you need to buy more land to be able to have more wild animals, more government permits to create a huge natural park for animal conservation …. And that’s very expensive.

3º Harry would be a safari entrepreneur in Africa, a landowner.

MM is to use and to throw, possibly you are discovering it now … but I sign everything in 2016, it can not be pulled back … you can not regret it anymore.

the divorce will arrive (just what Harry needs) and he will have a title of Lady and nothing else. If they ever have children I doubt they’re Harry’s, he’ll get the DNA tests.

The first Duke of Sussex obtained nullity to his first marriage at 16 months of his first wedding … And I think the story will repeat itself.

MM thought I win for having blackmailed her … but NO … she is deceived, it will be used, and when the show ends for him, she will be banished … He will not need her anymore. Out MM.

It will be Harry’s next “broken toy” and it’s not the first .. This huge PR team, not even PC has the money for this …. Surely David Cameron and more Torys, order and pay from the Parliament …. Brexit!!!.

When they do not need of she, because there will be no Brexit …(I am convinced of a second Referendum, where NO Brexit will win)…. Bye Bye MM!!!!

And goodbye magazines, goodbye newspapers … Goodbye fame. End of the show, end of this story.

MM does not want that, but it will be like that.

PS 1º:

I wish it were like that … the boy is smart, he is an entrepreneur, he loves animals, he loves Africa and he simply needs enough money to expand his safaris business …. I would love …
I would love a story like that.
The best of the story, the blackmailer was deceived, the boy was not stupid and it was he who took the opportunity to make his fortune. She will only get a title of “Lady”, with that you do not to pay one breakfast MM

PS 2º:

I personally know a similar story, where “The good guys” were not so good and “The bad guys” were not so bad … History of counterintelligence agents, within that environment, a female character made her famous phrase “In my land, our rules, In my land our laws. All citizens nationals and foreigners without exception are obliged to comply with them “….. Colombia 1989.

“En mi tierra, nuestras reglas, en mi tierra nuestras leyes. Todos los ciudadanos, nacionales y extranjeros sin excepción están obligados a cumplirlas”…. Colombia 1989.