Is DM hinting that the surrogate is in Ukraine????

Hi, JD, I was reading DM article

Do you think they have found through their investigation and are now hinting as to where the surrogate Markle and Harry are using is based?

Yes, they are hinting, They know something not right.  There is a celebrity couple that started a business doing this.  The couple is making all the money, and the women are making crap out of it.  I’m not sure if that has been revealed yet. CDAN Enty posted the Blind Item.

I appreciate you asking the question.

Thank you 🌸😎

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  1. The images of the article are with women with the same pose of MM, I do not believe in coincidences. If this were so, MM and Harry have a serious and tremendous problem ….. They will do DNA analysis, they will discover if it is Harry’s son or not, surely .. if I use frozen embryos of his time with Trevor, goodbye to the ticket of MM food

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