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Sorry JD, there was a second part, but it isn’t showing. That company is someone Amal Alamuddin works for, Doughty. She’s brilliant and has worked for world leaders from different countries & religions. I don’t know what the DM comments were, but that article lists her many achievements. I can’t for the life of me understand why she would socialize with those two (MM & PH). What could they possibly converse about? Amal Clooney is worlds ahead of BOTH of them intellectually.
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I didn’t get why she sent the link, to begin with??  Amal is very accomplished, and some anons think they are fame hungry. Why they would they hang out with Harry and MM?? Beats me!  There are rumors that Amal used a surrogate.  The question is who is using who?  My main site is  you have to click on the title that’s how it’s setup, but I do appreciate your ask.

Thank you, anon 🌸😎JD


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  1. Everything in the world of the so called social elite is about one thing connections, connections, connections , who you know , not what you know . This is why these people send their children for example to Eton , Marlborough , and Cambridge , it’s all about networking and being upwardly mobile .
    To be seen with a member or members of the BRF is still seen as having a certain “cachet ” even the Harkles .
    Some of these connections can be very concerning .
    Why were the RF so intimately involved with for instance ; Jimmy Saville?
    One of my questions would be why Prince William had a private meeting with Tony Blair ? Globalist and
    regarded as a war criminal by many , Understanding the behaviour of these people can be confusing and very frustrating , and the current behaviours of the Harkles and the rest of the RF is certainly one of the most interesting potential scandals for many years .

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