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I promise you I can’t find out who you are, and the plugin is just that good. You can submit links, articles, video, photos. Guests are welcome to submit anon, and you do not have to subscribe.  Note that all asks will go to WordPress, twitter, facebook, and tumblr.

WordPress does have a home feed, and more and more people are reading.

Guest are also welcome to engage in conversation in the forum so don’t be shy.  I built this site for you.  People are coming here and moving away from tumblr.  If you want to get your message across, stop by and do anon.  You don’t have to parts here, and you enjoy 2500 characters.  It’s doesn’t get eaten.

One more thing, We invite everyone to comment, I mean that. I’ve three positive comments about Meghan Markle in two years. All the others attack me. Tell me why you like Meghan, serious!

Today is Kate turn, we listened so be prepared for articles and video.

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