The timeline on the pregnancy doesn’t make sense

If she’s “6 months” along due in “late April/early May” then why did she start looking pregnant in June/July? And why would she announce in October when she would be only eight weeks along? When Kate announced that early it was because she had to, but I expected anyone else would wait until at least the second trimester. This timeline just doesn’t make sense. I hadn’t been very doubtful when I thought she was 7-ish months along, but her new timeline is making me wonder.
From what I understand the baby is still a go, it’s mums the word on that right now. It’s the shit show, and nothing makes sense.  MM was wearing fake prosthetics in Aus. Now you see it, and now you don’t.  What if they had two surrogate? Throwing pasta sees what sticks.   wait and see anon 🤷🏼‍♀️
Thank you, 🌸😎JD


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  1. DM article top comment quote. “‘Another woman in the crowd joked that she was a trained midwife. Meghan said that one of her friends had [given birth] five weeks early and [the midwife] said the baby comes when they are ready. …. getting ready with the excuses for when the baby arrives ‘early'”

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