A possible timeline they don’t want you to know

A Possible Timeline they don’t want you to know

NSW Anon ~

Hi Jersey,

I can’t find my post about the relationship timeline but will redo and try to cover the main points. I think PH and MM knew each other for years before 2016, for the following reasons – ( sorry for the long post).

I will search NSW and make it stick to the front, and I change the sticky often.  I love your posts no need to apologize

= Enty has left a blind about the timeline being exposed which would cause major embarrassment. We have been focussing on a timeframe of a few months in mid-2016 and whether there was a crossover between Cory and Harry.

It will show that she did cheat on Corey and Trevo

– MM has known Markus for years, and he is the Soho Global consultant. Harry and his social set all hang out at Soho. Markus being a big networker would surely have talked about Harry quite early to MM. MM is grandiose, and a strategic networker and would have pushed hard for a meeting with PH once she knew he attended Soho House.

– MM has also been on the periphery of PHs inner circle for years. An article at the time of the engagement said MM had known Misha for years after meeting through a mutual friend in Miami ( Markus at Soho Miami?)

There is photographic proof of this at Soho Beach House, and it’s Markus 

– Misha married Alexander Gilkes in 2012, one of Harrys best friends from Eton. So one of MM’s besties is married to one of Harry’s besties. Is it really feasible then that PH and MM only met in 2016?

If I’m not mistaken it was 2014 she met Misha and shortly after that Misha and Alex divorced

– There are other social connections going back years, eg, Eddie Redmayne who went to Eton with Wills and Harry. Sophie Ellis Baxter married to Richard Jones. It is all too coincidental for me.

This is true, and Markus is up Eddie patoot! Papped at a grocery store, set up! 

– You would know more than me JD but wasn’t MM traveling to London from about 2012? ( the year of Misha’s marriage to Harry’s mate) Why? She didn’t have relatives, a job or career prospects in London. She is a Cali girl working in Toronto. I don’t think she is going there for WAG aspirations. She is aiming much higher, especially if she is close to Harry’s inner circle.

Suits Promo for Ted TV, plus Trevor had taken her there

MM divorced Trevor in 2013. Is she really divorcing Trevor, a tv producer, for Toronto and a bit part cable tv role? By then she may have met Harry, and would rather spend her breaks from Suits pursuing the occasional but possibly lucrative hookups with Harry and others from the London social scene. Trevor is just in the way.

Ah Ha! theMeg🦈had another shot at a society that blacklister her in HWood, they were falling all over her in Toronto.  Enty said she knew she wasn’t going anywhere in acting. Meg set her sites on a wealthy European. 

– Cory, his chef lifestyle and the TIG blog are Plan B, and she doesn’t stop her London, or other Soho House travels during this time. Notice Harry’s Nanny was called Tiggy, and she really helped the boys after Diana’s death. ( another coincidence?)

Cory was Megs stepping stone to a travel-cooking show, but that fell through as not Original. It was a copy of Gwen and Mario show. The Tig is actually after a wine Tignanello that MM likes. 

– MM appears at Wimbledon in July 2016 punching above her social weight yet she has supposedly just met Harry. Sitting behind Cress for part of the time appears creepy and stalker like. Why would she stalk Cress when she has only just met Harry? However, if she is having secret hookups with Harry while he was in a relationship with Cress, she would view Cress as the enemy in her nasty mind and would be tempted to stalk her.

Research, maybe and we catch her seat jumping. Harry’s crowd was skeptical of her.  The still was brilliant imagine a renaissance painting. I’ll find it and it to the post it’s a scream. 

Harry and Cress broke up in April 2014, on the eve of the Guy Pelly wedding in the US. The day before the Pelly wedding Prince Harry stayed at Soho Miami. Did he meet MM there?

Okay,  you bring up a great point! Harry and the gang flew to Miami before the wedding was it?  That could be a possibility, and I also want to tell you the rumor that Harry had hooked up with her before, but he didn’t remember. 

That I think may have happened is this –

– MM meets Harry in about 2012 or 2013 through Misha or Markus. They may have hooked up or commenced a very intermittent relationship. MM decides to travel to London regularly to hook up with Harry and other possible Soho aquaintances.

Anything is possible, but Misha came into her life in 2014 if anyone has proof of earlier send it in we added to this post! I loved it when we all worked together.

– Trevor is in the way so she divorces him, feeling so grandiose and arrogant that she will send the rings back by mail.

Meg’s done with him, what better way to make a cut worse is put lemon juice in it. MM was a PRO hockey groupie. Delzotto and Hollander I have a tweet.  People said that she deleted all her post about DelZotto after the break up with him. 

Anons claimed she was available to date on Tinder.  I can’t confirm that. 

– Harry is going out with Cress who is beautiful, kind and just as aristocratic as he is. A perfect match on paper but he really likes celebs and is not ready to settle down.

Cress wanted a career, and there was talk they didn’t have chemistry, but MM is jealous of her!  The things she did to her wiki page. 

– Harry fancies MM but is not too fussed as he is also chasing and texting other celebs like Ellie Goulding, Margot Robbie and Jenna Coleman. Prettier, younger and a whole lot more talented.

Harry saw Sarah Macklin super pretty sweet girl, and she wanted a commitment, I don’t blame her. She had dated David Gandy. 

– MM hangs in there though and tells Harry just what he wants to hear when he feels increasingly irrelevant after George and Charlotte’s birth.

He was feeling the pressure from friends getting married and press, his family wanted him to find the forever girl who could do the job.

– The relationship heats up in about 2015, when MM tells Harry that together they will be global influencers, powerful, glamorous and humanitarian at the same. Harry, who knows he can’t compete with the little royals, falls for this.

I spoke to an inside source that is friends with Harry, and he did have a secret girlfriend after Cress, and she was American living in London. His peer group loves her, and Prince Charles had met the parents.  The break up is around the time of Orlando Invictus Games. He was rebounding. Prince Harry has had other serious relationships that never went public. 

– Perceptive Wills, who has the same friends, knows all about MM and tells Harry that she is not suitable.

Truth!  Friends were getting mad at him for bringing her around they smelled social climber and knew she was on the dating list at Soho House. 

– Harry and MM know that MM must redo her image and the humanitarian persona is cooked up. Hence the UN speech and the Rwanda Diana photo.

She tested as flighty, and they got  Kruger and Cowne for her, funny because the Duchess of York had Sunshine Sachs and Kruger and Cowne.  One of the best ways to get your star rising is to do charity. The actual workers hate it. 

– I think the Rwanda photoshoot where she copies Diana’s look is in March 2016, just before she supposedly met Harry. I don’t think this is a coincidence. Perhaps she and Harry planned this together – sick.

MM really is but Suits made their people do self-promotions on IG and charity.  It’s part of the contract. 

– When the relationship was exposed with spooning bananas and MMs extremely arrogant and smug look, we all thought it was wrong and fake. That’s probably because it was. She looked like the cat who swallowed the cream or the mistress who scored the Husband after years of scheming.

– Did Harry really release the statement for a woman he had a few hookups with? I don’ t think so. He would though do it for a woman he has known for years, and he doesn’t want the press to uncover the truth.

He fell for her act, and they are chasing me, they are breaking into my house, race card from the DM,  Princess Diana protect me, and it never happened.  It took him to find out his father was right when paps showed up and she bought the pictures back! 

Camilla Tominey knows who told her.  The timing was perfect Prince Charles couldn’t do a thing; he was in the Middle East with Camilla.  A trip he makes every year. It was like giving his father the middle finger.  She was in Toronto dictating over the phone the wording. It came with a surprise an NDA for Prince Harry to sign.  IMO it came with a relationship agreement.  MM held him to it.

– Wills was said to be disgusted with the statement. Probably because he knew all about MM.

– People say MM and Harry rushed into it. Maybe it wasn’t that rushed after all.

I still want to believe that it wasn’t supposed to happen with the PR’s saying they couldn’t believe she pulled it off. It wasn’t supposed to happen but she dug her heels in, and he was being worked over. Harry didn’t want to go through it and the only reason he did he didn’t want to look foolish. I know that is a lot to swallow. Enty said as much.

– We all questioned why we weren’t seeing MM and PH on a date like other couples. Probably because that has always been the nature of their relationship from the beginning, in bed and in secret.

Booty call! Or as the palace would put it, love life.  Harry thought, great she is doing all the heavy lifting, open relationship. Not for Meghan, there is no milk for free Harry. 

To me, this makes a lot more sense than the lovestruck, all the stars aligned image these two have tried to present.

No loved up for either one

– I don’t think British people would care if she cheated on Cory for a few weeks. However, if Meghan was one of Harry’s many hookups for years , and they lied so much during their engagement interview, that would be really embarrassing for Harry. ( especially if he cheated on Cress throughout the relationship – he has seen the hiding his father has taken in the press.)

He was a single man doing what guys do, and he is a human.  Prince’s chase tail just like any other guy. IMO he hooked up with thirsty fame ho that wants to be a household name. MM is one, and Harry has to hold her handbag. 

I’m sure Soho has played a big part and is expecting PR from the relationship.

Everyone that has come by to drop tidbits has a different perception of what’s going on.  They may not have everything right, but we should pay attention. SoAn,  claims they are not heavily involved as we have blown up. Yes, they are receiving the benefit for the interior store and farmhouse that is open to the public. What they don’t want is the secrets to come out. That cuts both ways, they out Harry, the law will bury them. 

Let’s keep this going. I love this! Conversations are far more exciting then hating on someone all day and night. 🌸😎💋


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  1. The writer doesn’t think British people would care about her cheating on Corey? How wrong they are. Despite everything, we are generally quite a moral people. We don’t like cheats.

    1. That what she gets wrong every time! The English are not Americans, pushing their buttons will not endear her to the people. Meghan started badly commenting, and antagonized commenters on the Daily Mail and they remember! As well they should JD 🌸😎

  2. I wonder if Cress knew the true about PH and MM hence her IG post on the day the engagement was announced. “No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are , how you treat people ultimately tells it all.”
    I’m guessing PH never heard, “I mean he found him a ho that he like
    But you can’t make a ho a housewife
    And when it all boils down you gonna find in the end
    A bitch is a bitch, but a Dogg is a man’s best friend
    So what you found you a ho that you like
    But you can’t make a ho a housewife (wife)” ~Dr. Dre

  3. This actually makes a lot of sense. Yes, anyone who knows things, please post the info. here so we can all know the truth of this relationship. Thank you.

    Oh, can anyone confirm if they actually double-dated with Eugenie and Jack?

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