People need to stop feeling sorry for Harry

People need to stop feeling sorry for Harry. He is just as bad as she is, he just had a good PR machine for all those years, so we never saw it. MM has brought the real Harry to the public’s attention, as well as highlighting the disrespect of the royals towards the peasants with all the money they spend. I guess that’s a good thing because now we see the truth.
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If she gets any more cheek filler, they are going explode 🐿

prince harry
People will feel whatever they like, yes he has to shoulder the blame, but he is a family member.  You shouldn’t unlove a brother, sister or even a father and to many of us around the around the world, he is part everyone’s family. Yes, there were plenty of mistakes that happened, a spoilt boy got his way and ended with a true charlatan.  The first sign she wasn’t getting her way she called the paps. All very predictable, MM is proved to be boring and obvious.
Thank you anon 🌸😎


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  1. I’ve been saying the same on the DM lately. He’s always been this way but she gives him the arrogance to now openly display it along with her.

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