We are the over forty

For friends by friends, we are a group of people that met through royal circumstances and became friends over commonality.   We have taken our friendship to the next level, and now we have our website.

Last year, I promised to build a website for all us, and I can’t believe I did it! with your help, financial, emotional support we have a place to call home.  From chatting with you, I realize we are a mature audience, but we certainly haven’t lost our zest for life.

Our website should have mature themes to do, wine, drinks, food, entertaining, travel, makeup, skin care our lifestyles!  We should celebrate it!  Support one another as friends should do.  Our very own Instagram if you will. We are the over 40ish.

Don’t be afraid to bring a cool article or a post let’s share it! I will help you, and it’s easy and not much to it.  Our site is secure, and we have a heck of monitor system in place.

Just let me know, and I will invite to become an author by email, of course, we can handle the post for you. Let us know the URL which the address on the title bar. Whatever way is most comfortable for you.

I love it!


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British Royal watcher since 1981. An admirer of beautiful things, and people. Retired to Florida. Opinionated, Empathic. Former Restaurant/Bar manager and Insurance agent. Learning Social Media for the over 50 crowds. Everyone is welcome

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  1. You are so right to acknowledge that if you are “mature” you have no grasp of events of complicated situations. I will explore the tea room, and thank you for creating it as a place to be connected 24/7. As if you sleep, JD!

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