4 Comments on “Jacinda Meet”

  1. I suspect MM made this up to win public adulation and leaked ito Omid Scobie who tweeted it as he was there in meeting and he probably leaked it to at least 3 New Zealand reporters – who tweeted the secret meeting. I couldn’t find anything on KP page ! Is Markle that important besides in her mind ? There’s several under currents here – that pillows going to burst sooner or later

    1. I agree with this! MM keeps changing that prosthetic if we see it the press is playing with her. Harry and BRF will take the hit for allowing this to happen.

  2. He was off to participate in armed forces training for a week or two – the idiotic media had major ‘Harry at war’ headlines about it a few weeks ago 😊

  3. The booing at Royal Albert Theatre had him pack his bags and headed back to Africa. I’m guessing…

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