Some great sleuthing by anon

HI JD, How are you? BTW, I like that distinctive and artsy header on your website (and the content, of course 🙂 Meanwhile, that is some quick and brilliant sleuthing by NSW anon.

The Chucks restaurant, owned by a Finch who has business deals with Soho… now the pap-walk makes sense (so, she merches the restaurant now for fees?). The still-unsolved bit, though, is this Daniel Martin Johnie popping out of the woodwork, with avocado on toast.

What is the money trail that links her, DM and Soho? I suspect it goes deeper than desperation to show she is at KP. Any thoughts from you or NSW anon? Cheers Ko

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LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 10: (L to R) Charles Finch, Nick Allott, and Alan Yentob attend the launch party for the inaugural Issue of ‘Drugstore Culture’ at Chucs Serpentine on July 10, 2018, in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Drugstore Culture )

Ko! It’s so good to hear from you!  It’s all a great big puzzle with lots of big players.  That could be she is merching the restaurant, Charles is also a publisher, and one of the blinds says she is sending pages for a tell-all.

The same people keep popping up, but Charles is a new addition.  I went back looking through Getty images for other links, Harvey is a favorite that pops up and Eden Roc, didn’t the Cambridge’s stay there for a night or two before a continuing holiday?

That comes up with Abramovich very dangerous character, but that goes in another direction, I would hate to think treason, but it does look that way.

At first, thoughts were the Matthews it turns out the Russian.  All of this leads me back to the Duke of York, I’m sorry guys, but it really does. I love the girls, I do and would defend them tooth and nail.

The Daily Mail connection is what we need to find out about, they have protected MM with deleting comments in large batches lately.

The recent use of Splash news and Coleman Raynor has raised the hairs to stand up on end, and these are the same folks that offered Tom Markle money. Why ask them to do helicopter shots of Soho Farmhouse and the bolthole for Harry and Meghan?  That was a security breach that sent RPO into early retirement.  It ruined her career.

I’m smelling a setup for Tom Markle, what a way to get rid of your dad. It will be interesting to hear Sam Markle’s podcast.  The flip-flopping was due to “bargaining. ” You’re trying to reach out and get ignored back to lashing out. We have a hurt father you can’t choose one daughter over the other. I understand blended families. There is one thing to Ghost a stranger, but you don’t ghost your dad, there is no closure, it’s heartbreaking.

MM sugars are threating bodily harm to handicap person, that is a hate crime. I’ll keep you posted on this.  Sam is my friend I will let you know, but I won’t break our trust we have. She can tell me what she wants to put out there.  The other stuff is personal chit chat with girls.

I’m hanging in there Ko, and I’m glad I have fantastic friends here. Stop by here we have it turns out a mature audience. These girls aren’t teenagers.

Thank you, Ko 🌸😎


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  1. Whoa. Ex-Turtle is going to stick her head out for this tea, and give a big “thumbs up” to JD, Ko, and friends. Heavy stuff. Good thing my shell is strong. JD, I was so sorry to read about that mess. It made me sad that this junk was said, and was also sad not more of the community rallied. That’s one of the reasons I came back as a “reader blog”. To stay in contact, and be here as support and stick my head into the puzzling maze. And, through out the muck that is superfluous dribble.

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