Where Are You Going To?

JD, where is PP going to? Two days in a row, apparently heading quickly towards Sandringham in his armored LR? Doesn’t he have Walgreen’s pharmacy delivery and a chef at KP? What’s so urgent that he rides rapidly and solo and not buckled in? Let’s leave the accident out of this, it’s apparently “hushed” and has varied locations cited.

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I really don’t know any of that other then he passed his eye exam.  It’s up to insurance companies to determine degrees of fault and payout. Even though the police identified PP is not a fault. The only way it’s 100% at fault if you rear-end someone.   There will be certain degrees of fault placed.  I would need to examine all the photographic evidence, plus diagrams of the accident report to tell you that.

The girl bitching needs to follow her lawyer’s advice and shut up.  First, she would have to sue her driver and PP. Degrees of fault on which insurance company is going to payout what, she has two claims.  Prince Phillip has the right to counter sue her driver.

Now how do we know he was speeding, did someone have a radar? We don’t, just because you’re old doesn’t mean they have to yank his license.

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4 Comments on “Where Are You Going To?”

  1. The road and junction concerned are not particularly well signed JD ,( thank you for your reply ) merging into traffic from any of these country lanes is always hazardous , I have to do this everyday onto similar roads and its a nightmare . Glare from the sun is very possible , the sun is very low atm , my husband had a similar situation recently , ( total blindness caused by the sun) its one of the most common form of accident causes at this time of year , I’m sure you could give more insight based on your experience , I wasn’t too sure of the dynamics based on the photographs and diagrams .which is why I hoped you could give a more professional opinion .
    The speed limit on the road the other car was (If I remember correctly ) travelling was probably 60mph , it can be changed to 50 or 40 depending on roadworks, traffic conditions etc . People do speed , how an armoured car was tipped over is astonishing really . Believe it or not the speed limit on these narrow lanes (the one PP was on ) can also be the National Speed Limit which is 60mph !

    Accidents happen , the real problem for the RF is their timing and reactions to these public events .
    They really aren’t doing themselves any favours , it’s just one PR disaster after another , nothing compared to the storm coming with regard to Minnie the Minx though !

  2. Hi JD . About the accident with PP . The accident area is known , and is an accident black spot . I lived in this area and know it well . The RF are always seen round and about , both driving and walking , it’s where they live so I expect they have lots to do during the course of their day .

    The RF are definitely suffering from fall out from MM ( and PH ) her bad behaviour and profligate spending . It has certainly had an effect on how people regard them .

    PP is not particularly well liked , and never has been , he is regarded as being rude , arrogant and generally unpleasant . Personally , I find him( in some ways) highly amusing , and no different to the upper class often charming , but grumpy old men who live near me . Believe me these people are different to you and I, and have a different set of rules and outlook on life , whether or not we should be paying for them is becoming a question being raised more and more often .

    The problem I believe is : PP had an accident , was not treated in the way the general public would have been , and was given this preferential treatment because of his status . PP does not have the dispensations the Queen has .
    The following day a replica car costing over £150 ,000 was delivered and PP was seen driving around narrow country lanes without a seat belt , again if this was a member of the general public it could have been a £500 fine and points on the driving license .
    If this had been an “ordinary ” person there would have also been a visit from the police and a discussion on driving competency , elderly drivers are increasingly becoming a problem on our roads .

    The woman in the paper ? In my opinion : Keep your mouth closed , going to the press was not advisable , but I do understand her anger and frustration .

    At the moment the UK is in a very bad place , financially and socially .
    Brexit has divided us terribly , people are worried about their jobs , and the future of their children , it’s a mess to put it mildly .The political atmosphere is very febrile in Europe , there is a lot going on behind the scenes but that is for a much deeper discussion .

    The RF and their PR gaffes , spending , and behaviours are being closely scrutinised by the people who in effect pay for their very extravagant lifestyle , they escaped PA and PC being associated with paedophiles, (Epstein , Savile , and Peter Bell .) and other scandals , ultimately it all comes down to a cheap z rated actress and whether she alone will be the instrument that will bring the RF down .

    1. I understand, and I can’t speak out enough over MM spending and non-performance. She sold everyone the golden egg, and it was a rotten egg. She is living at KP, it’s totally up to Harry, and since she has got him by the balls, we have to wait. We are watching and following the money.

      The accident, I looked at the diagrams from the Daily Mail, pictures of the wreckage, I still have some questions about the damage done to the other driver’s car. Also, the left side passenger car door is smashed in on an armored vehicle? After he flipped once she hit him again?

      Is there a warning sign of traffic merging? The skid marks of the other driver, were they measures?

      You have told me about the blind spot which verifies PP account of sun glare.

      My initial conclusion as well as another PC agent, this could be a 50/50 split in tort. I do caution that we both think that speeding was involved on the ladies car to make that armored tank roll like that and she followed behind him instead of veering left, they both ended on the other side of traffic patterns. If speeding was the culprit, then it goes against the lady.

      The passenger has the right to sue both drivers. I give you my word that no bias came to my conclusion.

      I received a tip he did take an eye examination the next day. Thank you for your comment, I hope I get to hear more evidence!

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