Moonbump Do Do Do 🎶

JD, you answered my ask as if I don’t realize she’s clearly wearing moon bumps! She picks and chooses which size to be per her PR mood that day. It’s to hide her alleged small bump that would gain more backlash, plus bigger bump means “more is better” in her mind. “You want a bump? I’ll give you a bump!” Pad her behind, cradle the bump, flick the coat open. Go to Chuc’s, no moon bump. She appears small for 7 (?) months. Her face is fuller. It’s a weird situation. And scary. Enhancing is the new thing, smoke, and mirrors.


I can never be too sure, and I need to prove my case one anon at a time.  I’m not too sure if you read about the Hormone relaxin, it helps the joints to relax, softer appearance, ankles swell it’s automatically produced when pregnant.

Rumors she was taking fertility meds on the Aus tour, why if she was allegedly already pregnant?  Fiji visits her appearance changed overnight like she had an allergic reaction to something and had blisters on the top of her feet.  That could be a reaction to medication, and it’s happened to me before. If she were allergic to Clomid, then she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant.  I’ve taken that stuff.

Skin Condition Marked By Red And Painful Nodules

Easily Angered Or Annoyed

Please also note that MM hasn’t stopped getting botox, or cheek filler.  She is also using Brazilian Blowout products that contain formaldehyde.

All of these products you should not use at all if you are pregnant.

Tipsters say the child is still a go, meaning it’s still in play.  A child is her gravy train we all know she is here for a while not forever.

Thank you anon 🌸😎


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  1. There are fillers such as Hyaluronic Acid that can be used. Swelling is diet, blood pressure, rest and exercise controlled. She uses flat irons, not chemicals, and has grey hairs.

    1. Hey Anon, thanks for joining the conversation! Markle said that she uses Brazilian blowout products they contain formaldehyde. A cosmo article here on this blog is written by Markle herself and states that if she were to get pregnant she would stop using those. I looked up hyaluronic acid and yes it is safe, but there are no long term studies done to refrain from using them and anywho why use that if you don’t need it. MM is this huge feminist that celebrates women empowerment, and that also means not being a slave to these expensive short term solutions, drink more water. Best thing besides stay out of the Sun. Accept what God gave you, right?

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