Thanks and all the best

Hi JD, Ko again. How are you? Thanks for the patient reply, and you have explained why the RPO quit suddenly.

I am looking forward to more insights on this new Chuck-lunching deputy and avocado-munching make-up artiste as and when you have them.

I am sorry to hear about the threats too… but it only proves the bloggers are on the right track. I do read your blog daily, even if I do not write often. ūüôā

Meanwhile another query. Is it likely that we have to deal with the current scenario — shameless spending and merching, stealing the spotlight from others, blatantly aggressive PR — for quite some years (or I shudder to think of it, forever)?

The BRF is her golden goose and why will she want to part company with a goose that is laying golden eggs? When and how will this ever end? Take care and all the best for your health.

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Ko! thank you so much, the feeling is she is starting this all over again, even plant got deja vu!  That is scary, does it mean she will leave? Only time will tell.  I see merching coming up on a regular basis, and her nest egg is gone.

Chuck lunching OMG, so funny! It sounds like chunking pumpkin where they launch pumpkins with homemade cannons once a year!  Fire in the hole! As Meghan is being shot out of a canon!

A reliable Tipster says they are broke, both of them. Is the recent move because of it as the press imply? I think it’s a security¬†breach and maybe the people are tired of hearing the spoilt get three¬†houses to live in while people rough sleep.

The Royal family have to act, and they need her to leave on her own, why would she ever do that?  MM has nowhere to go, and she has all the attention she could ever dream.

Yes, we have to deal until Harry spell is broken, until then she will continue to suck the life out of him as we predicted.