Ko Anon: It’s a waiting game

Hi JD, Many thanks for your patient reply. I can only interpret NYC’s simplest answer clue as meaning that the wedding and mess have happened only ‘cos of demands of a foolish prince who has still not seen the light of the day. And so there is nothing more we can do either till he wakes up. Cheers Ko
Ko! I’m glad you came back! We did what we could, and we lost, Harry married her.  Harry told HM I’m marrying her after MM persona bragged she was pushing him to stand up to granny.  They let him have his toy and look at what’s happening. We told them so, Ko.
IMO, it’s Harry’s responsibility now, so when MM screws up it’s also Harry’s fault! This bump decision lies with both of them. It’s disgusting because we knew it ahead of time.  The Royals are not lifting a finger to stop her from doing anything. The passive strategy never works on Markle, and she is immune.
Thank you, Ko! 🌸😎👍🏼


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  1. The passive strategy seems to only be harming the RF. I don’t understand how they (& their ‘people) can’t see that ☮️

    1. I agree the so called passive strategy has been a monumental failure. The damage to the RF will be permanent. She is untouchable they have created a monster. This is all now on Harry. He is wholly responsible. From the way she presents herself to the fake pregnancy.

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