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Hi JD, How are you? Thanks for your patient and frank responses that are clearing some mists. There is one thing that has always puzzled me. Wink and her posts. Why did she keep insisting there will be no wedding, when several of us anons, and even other bloggers, could see the writing on the wall by May beginning. In retrospect, how could anyone claim and believe that a royal wedding still had chances of being canceled at the crack of the wedding dawn? Ko
prince harry
Wink trusted me and me her, and there is a reason for everything, that’s the message.  Why did she insist there wouldn’t be a wedding?  I kept asking her I’m going to have to call it and she insisted up to the wedding.  She did come back a few weeks later. People in the know are still visiting these blogs.  I can only share some things.
As it was leaked, MM is the difficult one to deal with, and staff felt like they were walking on eggshell with Markle around.  It came down to Harry making the decision he had a Narcissist in his ears barking orders. Harry felt conflicted but MM won out, and now he is stuck and looks like crap.
Meghan Markle is lesser of two evils, that does have something to do with Soho.  There was a blind item that he wanted to call it off but felt he would look foolish.
This post is not easy for me. We have so much faith in Harry, like the rest of the staff and me and now he is a stick in the mud. Even Duncan writes about what a delight it is to work for Harry, but theMeg🦈 has taken away the KP Mojo.
When NYC came back she asked who is Wink and I tried to fill her in, I asked her to find out. That never happened, but I think it has something to do with WE Agency??
We have talked about PR and what the do, they direct the herd on Social Media.  I believe it was their job to keep the support for the BRF and they succeeded beautifully.  Remember Harry is the BRF jewel, the lad you want to have a beer with.
There is a lot of information, and I can’t bring myself to post it all and talking to Vin she said to hold back on that.
I’ll give you these scenarios she sent to me, and then as we go, I can go through the information and decide what would be okay to post.  Somethings can’t be posted.  I have been thinking about this all day, Wink is a good person.

Winks Scenarios

We know the engagement wasn’t planned, it was coerced/faked and scripted by her. So there’s a question. Can a fake wedding end up in a real royal wedding? Harry’s current status should be taken also into consideration. Well, we have a few options:

1) fake engagement- real wedding – the RF has arranged it somehow by abrogating the law in an unprecedented manner bcs of coercion despite the requirements based on Harry’s status. Both parties know, (the government knows as well) there’s an agreement with an end date in place. She ’ll go away as it was agreed. (Which in my opinion still a high risk trusting a sick, obsessed narc like her, who’ve broken her words a few times/despite deal during the engagement phase)

2) fake engagement – fake wedding – the RF knows but Markle believes it’s real bcs she has no clue how it should be done as royal. We could say she was set up by the RF and she doesn’t know. So the RF maintains the illusion of a ‘real duchess’ status yet in the reality it’s not legit. They let her continue her activities, but she is not supported & trained by them, lives on her own and in her delusions she’s outplayed them. If she’d realise it’s a bluff she could demand changes.

3) fake engagement – fake wedding – both know, but it was made an agreement, it also has an end date, till she established herself as ‘fashion icon’ or whatever. The illusion will be maintained as long as it is necessary in case of the RF.

Plans for scenarios

I think there are plans for different scenarios, bcs we know from experience, she cannot be trusted and this case is based on its craziness unpredictable. She’s here to establish herself as a new fashion icon, yet with a completely wrong PR strategy, bcs she still didn’t understand that by using aggressive PR/letting her family causing constantly drama just builds the obstacles higher in her plans as ‘icon for high end’ fashion contracts. (also in the US) un-cleverly she focusses on the wrong audience, she doesn’t depend on the public for achieving her ‘dreams’, but on the industry, that is well connected and ‘words travel’… Perhaps you have noticed that she is not supported by the RF (although they could afford her based on her status), she is looking on her own for future contracts, but without personality & achievements, she will never sell.. As I said after the engagement, people in certain industries are well connected, as well as politicians, those who matter do know something is up.

I hope that this is good enough for right now, as you see this was right after the wedding and what we have seen is horrid.  Pray for Harry.

Thank you, Ko 🌸😎Jd


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6 Comments on “Ko~ Part two ~ Wink ~ No milk for free”

  1. I feel sorry for Harry, i have followed them since July 1981, the birth & growing up of Princess of Wales 2 boys. I personally feel Harry’s work with Invcitus out weights his foolish decisions concerning MM. Unfortunately he was thinking with his other head.

  2. I remember Winks as I do NYC. Everyone was in shock that this person who was leaking stories every week regarding her relationship with Harry. Meghan is PR savvy and knows how to manipulate the press. Winks was adamant no wedding NYC was a definite yes to a wedding. People were drawn not knowing what to believe. It was a very emotional time. Neither Winks nor NYC meant harm they just did what they had to do. It was up to the reader to decide what they believed.

  3. I used to like Harry but not anymore. He`s either fine with this `arrangement.` although not sure what his advantage to this relationship is; incredibly stupid, stubborn and arrogant or complicit with the fakery There`s no way he can redeem himself from this and become a `jewel` again, lol!

  4. One of M’s problems is that she’s trying to create a Diana 2.0 image. Diana didn’t. It happened naturally as she was young, pretty, an English woman (if I recall it had been a while since the heir had married and English woman), tall, shy, innocent, etc. She learned as she went and genuinely cared and worked for the people and “The Firm.” I wasn’t hugely enamored with Diana. Some of her styles and looks were good, but some I thought were bad. I remember a poll in one of the U.S. magazines about who men would choose to be with Diana or Sarah? The results were strongly for Sarah. Eventually things went downhill and we all know how that played out. It became intentional and manipulative, but it didn’t start out that way. M has been intentionally doing this since day one.
    You cannot force people to like someone. It was also in a different era. Who knows how things would have gone if Diana was part of this era.
    Anyway, if you have done vows of marriage with someone, it’s for life. Period. You can’t break vows. I know people aren’t going to like this, but that’s the reality. So, M is married to Trevor; Camilla to Andrew, etc…If you don’t believe that is the case and marry thinking you have an “out” with or without a prenup, you’re already negating the vows before you take them. Thus, the “ceremony” is a sham. Adding this above scenario to the mix and it’s a sham marriage.
    If she doesn’t do as agreed, ship her out with Henry if necessary. If it’s embarrassing, too bad. They should suck it up and deal with it instead of being cowardly and dragging everyone down with them.

    Thank you for posting all the pieces that some of us didn’t get exposed to first time around. I started getting inot this mess more and more as stories came out, bit I didn’t find these blogs for a few months more, so around spring 2018.

  5. Public speaking 101 would reveal that Meg was extremely nervous during the engagement interview. Dry mouth, swallowing, pausing, clutching Harry, looking to him for answers. He let some zingers fly, and it tilted her responses.He purposefully let her do the talking.
    And once again, where is the official marriage certificate? Yes, its it’s a fake marriage, so Wink was right: it didn’t happen.

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